Art Specifications:

We want to ensure your product is crisp, clean and consistent. Although we use state of the art printing processes, the final product will only look as good as the artwork submitted to us. For these reasons, we list our requirements for submitting artwork below.

We accept a wide variety of file formats for print files -.pdf, .eps, .tif, .psd, .jpg and Illustrator .ai & files. If you are not able to send a file in these formats, we do have a full feature art department which can work with you to create your design.  Charges for this service vary depending on the complexity of your artwork and the condition of the artwork you provide us. You will be quoted an art price in advance for your approval.
Copyright: Ownership or permission is required


File Types

Adobe Illustrator (CC or lower) Save as EPS file with a transparent background, and fonts converted to paths or outlines. If images are linked, please remember to submit separately or embed them.

Photoshop (CC or lower) Save as TIFF or JPEG, in CMYK or Grayscale, 300-400dpi. Image size must be printed size plus 1/8” bleed all around when applicable.

InDesign (CC or lower) Save as PDFX-1a, Press or Print Optimized. Remember to include bleed in your PDF settings.

Inkscape Save as EPS file with a transparent background, and fonts converted to paths or outlines. If images are linked, please remember to submit separately or embed them.

Publisher, Word, Powerpoint Save/export as high resolution (Print Quality) PDF. (Print Only)

Letterpress Artwork can be submitted as line (vector) art only. Save as PDF or EPS

Preparing Your Files 

Bleed A bleed is a printed image, graphic or background that extends beyond the trim edge. For trimming purposes, bleeds must extend 1/8” beyond trim edge. (Bleed may not be available on some products)

Live AreaLive area describes the imprint area that is deemed ”safe” from trimming. It is 1/8” in from all trim edges on the front, and 3/16” in from all trim edges on the back.

Image Resolution 300-400dpi at 100%.

4-Color Proces: Color must be saved as CMYK. Conversions from Pantone (PMS) to CMYK may produce unexpected results. PMS color match cannot be guaranteed on process printing. Image colors will vary slightly during production runs and on repeat orders. .

Types of Artwork:


Artwork is made up of mathematical lines and shapes (as opposed to pixels) and will not become blurry when enlarged. This type of artwork is preferred over raster (pixilated) art. The most common vector types are AI, EPS or PDF. To avoid type style conflicts, All fonts/type must be converted to outlines to ensure accuracy of the final printed piece. Important! Do not place low-resolution graphics into an EPS or PDF file. Nesting, placing or importing a low-resolution graphic into vector files will result in creation of an file that will not work.


artwork is made up of many “dots.” The resolution of the artwork is measured by the number of dots per inch (DPI). The higher the DPI, the clearer the image. Raster images have the potential to become blurry when enlarged past the ideal resolution size.  Many of the images pulled from webpages and clip art sites are low resolution. The most common raster types are JPG, TIFF or GIF.

Resolution for raster images will vary depending on the output device and size.

Artwork Transmission:

Please email files to


Unless otherwise requested or stated we will provide a proof to you for your approval prior to order processing. We cannot begin production under NO circumstances on custom orders until we receive this proof back with a signature of approval.

All files should be submitted at their final sizes and scaled proportionally. When working with Raster files please take into consideration the files Dots Per Inch (DPI) resolution and plan accordingly. I.E. a file with  100 PDI at half scale is going to be only 50 DPI at full scale.

Order Information:

Please note that production time begins after art and is for scheduling purposes only and is not guaranteed.

All sales are FINAL and cannot be returned or exchanged, that is why all Art Proof must be signed, before any order can go into production. If there is an issue pertaining to your order, you must notify us within 3 Business Days.

License Plate Frames: Laws concerning the use of license plate frames vary from state to state. Some states may prohibit their use or have certain restrictions. KrazySignsUSA assumes no responsibility for any use or application of our products in violation of any applicable law. Before ordering license plate frames, please check your state or local laws and regulations.

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