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Presenting a novelty large check for fun or a large donation check to a cause will always please an audiance.  Big checks are  great for fundraising, donations, scholarships, awards, raffle winners, gag gifts, photo props and endowments.  Presentation checks are the perfect way to make a statement without breaking the bank.

Proudly Made In America! – Our large check are printed  using HP Latex Enviromental friendly inks. From small, 18″ x36″ (1-2 person presentation), to Large  Checks (3-5 people, and Mega sizes Stadiums, areans),  KrazySigns USA is your source for oversized checks.

What is the best size check for my presentation?

When determinin the best size novelty check for your presentation consider how many people will be at the event and how far away the audience and camera person  will be from the check presentation.

Our 18″ x 30″ Big Check is a good size for when one person is handing a check to another and the camera person is about 8-10 feet away. For small groups of 2-6 people  we suggest the 22″ x 48″ Large Check. And, for groups of 7 or more our 30″x 60″ Giant Check is a good choice.

For very large audiences such as areans, stadiums, and large outdoor events our Mega Check 47×94 (hinged for easy transportation) allows audience members far away to see the large check presentation.

Should I use a dry erase?

If you will be using the big check multiple times, then yes and Dry Erase is available for most of our large checks. We apply the lamination over the customized check design that you have created. It provides a glossy finish that does not allow the Dry Erase ink to penetrate and therefore can be wiped off.

For best results, we suggest the following dry erase (chisel point) brands: AveryMarks-a-lot®, Expo Scents®, Expo Bold color®, Expo regular® brand marking pens, or Liquid Chalk markers.


What is the best type of check for our event?

Oversized Checks Materials and Options


economy corrugated plastic iconEconomy Coroboard

Low-cost and durable, our best selling checks are made using 4mm (approx. 3/16″ thick) corrugated plastic board. These checks are look great, are water proof, and will last a life time as a keepsake for the recipient.

Economy checks are printed on a 4mm (about 3/16″ thick) corrugated plastic board, also known as Coroplast®. This is the most popular material chosen for novelty checks because it’s low-cost yet still durable and rigid. It is waterproof and lightweight, but if dropped, corrugated plastic does not crack. Because it’s corrugated, there are slight ridges on the surface but they don’t interfere with writing or printing. Economy board checks can be created for a one-time event, whether it’s kept by the recipient or hung up on a wall, or for multiple uses. In this case, the optional dry erase upgrade would be required. The dry erase lamination is compatible with dry erase or liquid chalk markers.

PVC plastic iconPVC Board

PVC checks are printed on a smooth plastic board. Available as 3mm or a thicker  6mm. GIant checks made with PVC board are the professional-looking big checks which will make a lasting impression when presenting. Unlikely to dent easily, PVC is solid material option that is durable and rigid. Like the Economy material, PVC can be written on with permanent marker for one use or a dry erase marker for multiple (dry erase lamination option required).


thin roll up styrene icon Roll Up Board – Great for travel

Roll up checks are printed on styrene, a very thin plastic material. Thicker than cardstock paper, styrene is still rollable for easier transport but thick enough to reduce curling when not rolled up. Because the material is flexible, no dry erase lamination can be applied without cracking so roll up checks are used for one-time events. Our Roll Up Checks are easy to store and offer more-affordable shipping option.

recyclable enviroboard material iconEcoboard

The most-affordable option for oversized donation checks is Eco Board, which looks and feels much like Corrugated Plastic.   Enviroboard checks are printed on 1/8″ corrugated white cardboard. Unlike the corrugated Economy material, the surfaces of Enviroboard are smooth. This environmentally-friendly option is made of recycled material so tiny colored fibers can be seen when looking at it up close. Enviroboard checks are rigid boards that make eco-conscious presentations easy. After its use, recycle with cardboard.


Dry Erase Option – Reuable  If you would like to reuse your giant fundraiser check, the dry erase upgrade is best. which makes the surface of the check completely erasable. For a finer premium look consider upgrading to 3mm or 6mm PVC.



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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 24 × 36 × .02 in
Check Size

16" x 32" – Big Check 1-2 people, 18" x 36" Big Check 1-2 people, 22" x 44" Large Check 3 – 5 People, 30" x 60" Giant Check Group of 7 or more, 47" x 94" Mega Check


Economy Board 4mm coro, 3mm PVC, 6mm PVC, Roll Up, Eco-board

Dry Erase - Reusable

No, Yes


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